Case Study Examples

Based on the case study examples, LeadGenFusion has the potential to be a game-changer for your business. Whether you're grappling with manual administrative tasks, finding technology a challenge, or seeking to grow your business, our tailored CRM and marketing solutions could be the answer.

Sophie Williams

Elegant Cosmetics Training Institute

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

Sophie was struggling with manual processes for student enrolment, course management, and marketing. She found it difficult to manage her Facebook Ads and was overwhelmed with the administrative tasks.

Our Solution

LeadGenFusion implemented a comprehensive CRM system, automating enrolment processes and marketing efforts. We also took over her ad campaigns to attract new students.

The Results

Sophie can now manage her business effortlessly, even making sales while relaxing at home. She has expanded her student base across the UK.

Campaign Length: 83 Days

Opportunities Created: 2100

Pipeline Value: £1.2M

Emily Smith

Visionary Speakers Academy

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

Emily was proficient in her field but struggled with technology. She needed to automate her online courses and social media.

Our Solution

LeadGenFusion designed her online course, set up her Learning Management System, and automated her social media postings.

The Results

Emily is now comfortable with technology and has seen an increase in enrolments and engagement on her social media platforms.

Campaign Length: 30 Days

Opportunities Created: 25

Pipeline Value: £10k

Oliver Brown

Peak Performance Fitness

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

Oliver was burnt out from handling all aspects of his business-sales calls, marketing, and client management.

Our Solution

LeadGenFusion set up automated systems for lead generation and client management, allowing Oliver to focus on coaching.

The Results

Oliver has seen a significant reduction in stress and an increase in client engagement and revenue.

Campaign Length: 180 Days

Opportunities Created: 220

Pipeline Value: £315k

Alexander Green

Secure Future Financials

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

Alexander needed a comprehensive CRM to manage client interactions, follow-ups, and appointments.

Our Solution

LeadGenFusion provided an all-in-one marketing software that automated his sales and marketing tasks.

The Results

Alexander has seen an increase in leads and conversions, allowing him to focus on other aspects of his business.

Campaign Length: 60 Days

Opportunities Created: 260

Pipeline Value: £265k

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